This is the ultimate in selecting your floor. Custom designs are achieved by supplying a photo, sketch or drawing of any desired design. We are available to aid with your wood species selection to achieve the best possible color “Mother Nature” has to offer. Shop drawings are then produced for client approval prior to manufacturing.

Custom Military School Logo

Your Family Coat of Arms is a wonderful application for your home and makes for a great conversation piece. This one has Holly, Blood Wood, Wenge, Maple, Walnut and Yellow Heart exotic species. Some of the parts were so small that we used tweezers to set them with.

Family Coat of Arms installed

American Indian Sizes: 34" and 39"

This Scripture Medallion was manufactured for Collins Builders in Jacksonville Florida and is composed of Brazilian Cherry, Wenge from Africa and Yellow Heart.

College Logo: This Medallion was made for Georgia College and Southern University using their exact logo.

Custom conversion van floor logo floor.

Custom conversion van floor logo floor with P. Diddy logo.

Moose 36 in diameter