Santos Eight Point Star

16 point star octagon Species used: Wenge border, American Cherry field, with wenge and maple points.

Galleria Species used: Walnut, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, and Wenge. Photo courtesy of: South Coast Hardwood Supply

Octagon 16 point Star

Octagon Star medallion in Bamboo floor

Octagon 16 point Star Medallion with Brazilian Cherry

St Joe Galleria, Blood Wood, Maple and Sapele wood species. 48" diameter

12 sided pinwheel 28"

8 point star 30"

St. Andrews Star 36" x 48" Shown in Brazilian Cherry Field, Wenge and Maple

St Andrews Star Medallion INSTALLED. 36" diameter

St Andrews Star Medallion with our Brazilian Cherry floor. 36" diameter

16 Point Elongated 37" X 73"

Exotic Square Star Medallion 29" diameter

Square Star Medallions Sizes: 12" and 24"

Square Star variation Brazilian Cherry, Wenge and Maple Photo courtesy of: South Coast Hardwood Supply